Plan Out-of-the-Box Family Vacation with Custom – T-shirt Ideas!

Plan Out-of-the-Box Family Vacation with Custom – T-shirt Ideas!

As a student, since your childhood, you have always been waiting anxiously for the summer vacation to come. The reason is, it gives a break from the monotony of school curricula. The same eagerness persists even in your adulthood because summer is the time when you can take a break from your routine professional work and go out on vacation with your family to enjoy some quality time.

You can make your family vacation enjoyable and memorable if you wear and do something out-of-the-box, not with your usual shirts and suits. Here are a few tips and inspirations that will help you to design T-shirt yourself.

Consensus Planning

The more the number of ideas, the more the out-of-the-box they become. While planning for the family vacation, make it a point to get every member of your family involved. Any of your kids participating in our frozen T-shirt contests may come up with some bright ideas. Besides the classic card games such as sack races, we conduct contests for the frozen T-shirt. We give one to each participant to wear, and the fastest wearer is adjudged the winner

Family Reunion Design Template,

Our design templates offer various themes on family reunion vacations that suit the occasion. You can opt for any of the theme such as Events, Sports, School, Holidays, Vacation, and Occupations, Geek and Funny. The messages printed on the T-shirts are out-of-the-box. While you enjoy, the viewers too enjoy at the sight of the unique messages on the T-shirts worn by you and your family members Take, for instance, the alliterated message “Sand &Sun &Sure&”, “Let’s get toasted at the Your Name, Family Reunion….”, “Come; Sail Away with me”, “Family Name Reunion”. “A family that drinks together stays together” There are many more to choose from.

Clip Art or Own Image

In addition to uploading your image, you can select your favorite clip art of beach, mountain, and lakes and get every one of your family in one place. With some odd messages, you get the images screen-printed on T-shirts of each member.

Tips for Economy

  • Print on white apparels

  • Reduce your color counts

  • Stick to only one location

  • Avail free benefits like templates.

  • You get more price benefit when you buy more as we allow you a discount because of our reduced production cost.

Pre-Pondered Custom Ideas

Our vacation design templates are made after being well thought out. You can get customizable colors and texts. You can upload your design and can also swap out clip arts. With these on your t-shirts, your family reunion becomes sharable, enjoyable and memorable.

While planning for a family reunion vacation, ensure that the text of messages, design of lip arts, the themes of the messages on the t-shirts are something out-of-the-box. In case you don’t find the design template suiting to your need, feel free to contact our customer service and make your family vacation in the way you want it to be.