Top 6 Custom Halloween Maternity Shirt Designs for Moms-to-Be!

Top 6 Custom Halloween Maternity Shirt Designs for Moms-to-Be!


Halloween is a festive occasion, celebrated every year on October 31. It is an ancient tradition that originated with the festival of Samhain. Wearing differently-designed costumes, people would assemble to ward off ghosts by burning bonfires. It has now turned into a festive gathering with activities such as donning costumes, eating treats, Jack- o’- lantern and trick- or- treating.


If you are a mom-to-be, this Halloween occasion has something special for you; your maternity shirt design. Your baby bump provides you the unique opportunity of becoming a special character with your maternity costumes.


Top 6 Halloween Maternity Shirts!


1: Jack- o’-Lantern


Pumpkin looks are cute, and the bump on your belly may look like one. First, wear an orange shirt. To make your face look like jack-o’-lantern, cut out a piece of black felt to your desired shape and glue it near the lower portion of your shirt. Instead of DIY you can leave the belly-printing job to us.


2: Magic 8-ball


Even if you don’t believe in Ouija boards or tarots, you can act like telling the favorite fortunes of others through the Magic 8-ball. A black shirt, with an 8-ball icon printed on a white background, is printed on a black shirt. The figure of a triangle, along with your predictive message of male/female will be printed on the back of your shirt.


3: Bun-in-the-Oven


This phrase refers to the warmth and shelter of a baby inside its mother’s womb. You can ventilate this inspiration through your Halloween costume. Instead of creating a model oven out of cardboard, you can better wear a shirt or apron, with a graphic of oven printed on the belly, covering it with a baker’s hat.


4: Mummy


If you are an admirer of wordplay, wear a pair of black leggings and a matching shirt. Wrap some toilet paper or gauze on your shorts and have a make-up of your eyes and lips. Putting a pair of eyes on your baby bump will be spookier. Our design studio designs a variety of eye artworks.


5: Christopher Robin & Winnie- the Pooh


Consider yourselves as couples named Winnie (yourself) and Christopher Robin. People admire t couples wearing coordinating costumes, particularly if the costume is typically or more correctly, oddly matched. One such combination for you may be a red crop top and a yellow skirt with a high waist, covering your tummy. Christopher; your spouse needs to wear a yellow polo and shorts; colored dark blue


6: Zombie Baby


If you like to freak others, you may opt to wear an old shirt and hold an older doll in your hand. Lining the arms and legs of the doll with lower a portion of the front part of your shirt, make some holes for them. People will be amazed look at your Halloween pregnancy through the baby arms




With the above themes of Halloween maternity shirts, you definitely can establish the fact that even if you are going to be a mom, sooner or later, you still can have fun with others and make it easy-coming for your child- to- be. The choice of theme is yours